Slide1As our classrooms change and our students become more globally diverse, so must our school libraries.  We need to embrace knowledge about the world and the wonders of diversity.  Teachers, parents and librarians must update their libraries to reflect our changing populations.

There are many wonderful books available to teach our students and improve their (and our) knowledge about the world and other cultures.   A problem that teachers face is finding the time to review books and develop lessons when their time is limited and they are exhausted from teaching children for 6 hours 5 days a week.

This site is devoted to providing a resource to discover a variety of children’s global literature and recommend some activities, based on individual books, to reinforce their new knowledge.

I have organized this site so that educators can find some great books and activities searching by countries or folders such as: World Religions, Climate and Weather, Books with Science Lessons, Dealing with Family Challenges… I plan to constantly be adding books, lessons and folders and organize them in a way that will make it easy for educators to quickly find a lesson that fits their need.  I also have a tab along the top called Classroom Strategies.  These include ways to keep your students engaged and make teaching fun and easier for the educators.

I would love to have educators from around the world contribute books to this site. I want to highlight more books whose authors are native to the country.  Please contact me at: globalschoollibrary@gmail.com if you have a book you feel would add to our children’s understanding and appreciation of the world and its people.

Thank you for visiting my website and more importantly, thank you for educating our children; our future.


Sandra Dangler

Contact me at: globalschoollibrary@gmail.com .

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